'SheBa Pubs' is a chronological, online based publication that acknowledges the current views and achievements of almost all fields of science and technology. We mainly aim at publishing the newest attempts taken for the advancement of the waste management system worldwide. We support professionals and institutions to spread their knowledge among the community by evaluating their researches on the basis of the influence of their works on the international scientific community.

Objectives and Scopes

SheBa Pubs is an online publication, established to bring feasible solutions to significant questions which are not only important for the scientific community but also for the humankind. SheBa Pubs is a scientific, technical & medical research, which providing scientific community from every respect with informative innovation, news, products and services. We combine the thoughts with the aid of technologies in order to create public awareness and applicable knowledge regarding the sustainability of the earth.

Why Publish with Us

Community Connection

Our assigned team empowers the researchers to be connected with the entire scientific community so that your thoughts can meet the interest of audience.

Simple Submission

The submission and review processes are simple and not time consuming. It may take 10-15minutes to submit your work.

Recognized Researcher

Researchers recognized for their high competence in their respective fields and concerns in their research.

Compromising Quality

We allow the authors to publish their research without compromising the quality.

Always Updates

We always give updates of the submitted papers after every steps of review.

Open Access

We have open access articles that available online for unlimited access and is also archived.

Publisher Ethics

SheBa Pubs always inspires journal editors to adhere to the principles of Committee on Publication Ethics(COPE). SheBa Pubs strongly recommends journal editors to join COPE .It also follows the principle on how to deal with acts of misconduct.


  • Fresher: Sheba Pubs works to skill development and create a platform to involve the fresher in research.
  • Technology: Skilled person who was selected by Sheba Pubs can build his career in Waste Technologies LLC.
  • Business & Marketing: Any person graduated from Business Studies can build his career in Sheba Pubs and its sister companies.
  • Administration: Sheba Pubs also act as platform to work in the field of Administration by collaborating with it’s sister companies.

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