Power equation of receiving wire antenna

Journal: World Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Issue: Volume 10 No. 5, 2020 (220 - 250)

Keywords: Power equation

Published On: 24 September, 2020

open Access

Antenna is an essential component of telecommunication devices. Recently, the antenna is used as a receiver in the rectenna solar cells. The power of the received signal depends on length of monopole receiving antenna. The optimization of antenna geometry is essential to improve the antenna performances. It is widely accepted that the quarter wave monopole antenna possesses an optimal efficiency. In the current study, a power equation of the receiving monopole wire antenna has been derived based on a recently reported modified electromagnetic wave theory. The proposed equation gives sufficient information about the optimum length of the monopole antenna. Some experimental observations have been investigated. The theoretical estimation has been confirmed by the experimental observation. The work may help to develop the monopole antenna designing and solve the real life problems of communications.

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